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Meeting the productive needs of the pharmaceutical and agri-food industries, through advanced cultivation systems

Cultivation needs for the pharmaceutical industry are growing exponentially worldwide, in the same way food crops Km0 are being enhanced.

New garden system, manufactures the internationally patented MyPot system, which allows through its exclusive technology Increase production while reducing energy and water consumption all in an automated environment.

WHY CHOOSE New Garden System?

New Garden System has created an innovative cultivation system, under the MyPot brand, with an international patent, which radically increases crop productivity, increases production, reducing energy consumption, harvest time and The consumption of water. This new MyPot system is intended for the cultivation of plantations for the Biotech and pharmaceutical industry, such as cannabis cultivation.


New Garden System has dedicated the last 7 years to develop an innovative and exclusive cultivation technology that combines hydroponics, aeroponics and floating root techniques, which allows it to offer truly beneficial results to its customers.

  • Healthy Plants – the plants reach a great vegetative development
    from an extraordinary vigorous root development. Achieving flowers and fruits of the highest quality

  • Maximum Yields – We achieve the highest production results.

  • Maximum efficiency – thanks to energy and water savings and reduced cultivation time, icreases profits.


Meeting the productive needs of the pharmaceutical and agri-food industries, through advanced cultivation systems.

Investigate tirelessly to offer our experience at the service of improving cultivation techniques for food and pharmaceutical industries.

Continue designing most of our resources to develop new products that increase the efficiency, predictability and safety of grow systems

Improve your results and turn almost anywhere in the world into a possible growing area.

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The best way to Urban Grow

The production of locally grown food is becoming more important for society every day. Consumers demand fresh and healthy products that have been cultivated with sustainable and environmentally friendly techniques.

We offer solutions for healthy and sustainable foods.

Thanks to its patented technology, New Garden System provides cultivation systems that offer consumers the possibility of having their own healthy urban garden at home. Always eating freshly cut vegetables, with all its intact organolectic and nutritional properties. Enjoying full pieces of flavor and at its perfect ripening point.


New Garden System solutions are equally optimal for the creation of collective orchards or nearby farms, favoring the supply of freshly cut fresh produce to large cities, in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.




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